Why now.....

I initially began installing erosion control measures through my own company back in 1997.  It was a sole proprietorship.  Effective 1/1/1999, I began operating out of a corporation, Storm Water Management, Inc. (“SWM”) with both my parents and my brother owning a small percentage.  As its business expanded from merely installing erosion control measures to also preparing SWP3s and performing inspections, we decided those professional services would best be performed out of a separate company.  Project Compliance, LLC began operating in 2001.  It was and is a wholly owned entity of SWM.  While it is separate from SWM for all purposes, it’s still an operating entity owned by an operating entity.  As both PC and SWM’s businesses have grown, we’ve discussed a business structure that doesn’t have all our asset eggs in one basket as well as not having an operating entity owning an operating entity.  We decided a few years back that we wanted to move to a structure that has a holding company that not only manages two operating companies, but that also owns separate entities holding our real property, vehicles and investments.  We decided to break with the SWM and PC entities and create an entirely new corporate structure—ProTex Holdings, LLC is the parent-management company, ProTex Erosion Control, LLC is the new entity performing erosion control services, ProTex Environmental, LLC is the new entity preparing SWP3s and performing inspections, and three other entities diversifying our assets.  My parents do not have an ownership interest in the new entity.  We’re accomplishing the restructure through an asset acquisition.  From a customer, operational perspective, nothing should change.  While there will need to be new subcontracts issued/ W9s, Delegation of Authority letters for inspection work and insurance certificates for all ongoing work, scheduling work, SWP3s and inspections haven’t changed.  While ProTex Erosion Control, LLC and ProTex Environmental, LLC each have their own address and phone number, my cell phone number hasn’t changed.  

Please know that even though the names have changed, my commitment to solving your environmental concerns on your projects has not changed. I am committed, through both ProTex Environmental and ProTex Erosion Control to provide each or our clients a superlative service experience which will encourage an ongoing business relationship.

Thank you for your support, I appreciate it.

Sincerely - Todd.